Neck Face Lifting Device EMS Micro-current

Color: White
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  • EMS Micro-current & Upgraded Massage Head - The face lifter adopts EMS micro-current and double high frequency micro vibration to lift and tighten the skin, improve the elasticity of facial muscle fiber, activate the activity of collagen and achieve face slimming. What's more, the upgraded massage head can quadruple the effect of face slimming.
  • Red Light & Blue Light - Red light opens the skin barrier and acts on the dermis to increase skin elasticity. Blue light activates and reshapes aging cells. Red and blue light combining tightens the face contour.
  • 5 Modes & 8 Levels - It has 5 modes and 8 levels that satisfy the needs of different people.
  • Micro-curved Surface & 180° Foldable Annular Design  -  Micro-curved surface accords with ergonomics and better suits your face. 180° foldable annular design makes it convenient and portable.



  • Material: ABS+PC
  • Battery capacity: 450mA
  • Charging period: 2h
  • Usage time: About 1.5h
  • Gear: 8
  • Mode: 5 (automatic mode, massage mode, kneading mode, acupuncture mode and beating mode)
  • Charging display: When charging, the blue light flashes, and when fully charged, the blue light is always on.


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