Pet Hair Vacuum

Color: Grey - Pet hair vacuum
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  • Safe and quiet: When sucking the pet's hair, it won't hurt your cute pet. It can suck away cat hair, dog hair and pet clothes. You are no longer afraid to wear dark trousers; pets on the ground Hair and dust can also be sucked away easily and quickly; the safe-to-use design is quiet and will not scare your pet.
  • Easy to clean: The bottom of the hair storage tank adopts a detachable buckle design, which is not only convenient for disassembly and cleaning of the sucked hair, but also firm and not easy to fall.
  • Wireless portable design: Easy to use, provides effective, fast suction, saving time and effort. The soft rubber head can also be massaged for pets. 
  • Perfect effect: By grooming dogs or cats for cats and dogs with pet combs, your pets will remain beautiful, soft and shiny.
  • Very suitable for any pet: Hair removal tools are suitable for small to large breeds. You can use a brush on rough, smooth, short or long fur.


Power supply: 3 pcs AA battery (Batteries are not included in the item)
Material: ABS body + rubber head
Size:19cm x 11cm x 6cm
Color: Gray

Package Content:
1 x Pet Hair Remover Brush
1 x Manual

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