Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack

Color: Blue
Sale price$101.30


Brand: MotoCentric
Color: Black, Red, Blue, Green
Bag weight:1.1kg
Size: 37 x 20 x 56cm
Material: Carbon fiber, PU hard shell


1. One-piece hard shell design

The futuristic streamlined design can effectively reduce the wind resistance; the materials are carefully selected, the texture is thick and delicate, with good water resistance, air permeability, tear resistance, abrasion resistance, and brings an extraordinary sense of security

2. High-brightness reflective design

There are four reflective strips on the front and rear, and the reflective material on both sides is printed with LOGO design, which improves the safety of driving at night and in hazy days.

3. Large capacity

Large-capacity internal storage space, put your personal clothes and equipment more freely

4. Internal compartment

Computer compartment and a variety of compartment designs, convenient to carry 15 o'clock laptop and various personal belongings

5. Adjustable backpack system

The ergonomically adjustable carrying system, combined with the quick buckle design, makes it faster to wear on the back. It has fixed chest and waist buckles to reduce the shaking of the backpack during riding.

6. Back cushion air exchange system

The thickened 3D mesh breathable cushion on the back ventilates and wicks sweat, making the carrying softer and more comfortable. The three-dimensional suspension design of foamed material increases air circulation, and the riding is not stuffy and hot

Package includes:

1* motorcycle backpack
Note: Can put computer , cell phones, wallets, documents, keys, clothes.


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